FAQ & more info



  • The speech should be up to 30 minutes, 10 to 15 minutes Q&A not included.
  • A maximum of 2 speakers can take part in one speech.
  • Once shortlisted, you will have to submit a pre-recorded copy of your presentation. You will need to be online during your session broadcast and during your Q&A session.
  • For a better reach, on-demand copy of your presentation might be published.
  • We do not accept sales/marketing presentations (the Exhibition is the space where you can share this if you are interested to do)
  • The presentations and speakers will be selected by the Steering Committee
  • Successful applicants of In-person events speaking will be provided by a Speaker badge and an Executive pass for each speaker.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses of In-person events will be the responsibility of individual speakers.

When your physical presence is required, or you choose to attend in person, please note that  XCEL OHSE SUMMIT does not provide transportation but we can assist you to find a service provider (see travel and accommodation page)

If you have any questions contact us at speakers@xcel-hse.com

OHSE Experts who are ready to share their experience and explore topics related to:

  • Safety leadership
  • Safety Culture and Behavioral Safety
  • Business Continuity
  • Management of change
  • Soft Skills, Competency and qualification
  • The HR role in the HSE MS
  • Supervision
  • Risk Management
  • Process Safety
  • Technology and Innovations
  • Mental Health
  • CSR
  • Lessons Learned, Safety Alerts and storytelling (Cost of Accidents)
  • Others
  • Any kind of product or service marketing. see our NO COMMERCIALISM Policy
  • Theoretical presentations based on what you can read online or in books
  • Analysis and case studies which have been presented several times on other conferences (please note that this remains subject to the Steering Committee judgment, well known story telling might be accepted.


Commercialism is the inclusion of visual, written, or verbal references to any organization for the promotion or commercial advantage of that organization or the commercial disadvantage of a competing organization.                                                                                      The Conferences and Expositions Committee will strictly enforce this policy for XCEL OHSE SUMMIT papers and presentations.

1- The first slide or the presentation introductions may include the name of the author(s)/presenter(s) and their e-mail addresses, their affiliations, companies, supporting organizations, sponsoring technical committee, and corporate logo. For case studies, with permission from the study subject, the slide or presentation introduction may also reference the facility owner, facility, or site of the study.

2- Research, programs, case studies, statements, policy, and/or legislation from any organization may be referenced only in order to maintain presentation clarity and relevance. Promotion or endorsement is prohibited. Reference to Universities, Research agencies, Government agencies, Government-sponsored agencies, and/or non-profit organizations shall be allowed as long as the reference is non–biased in nature, relevant to the focus of the publication/presentation, and does not imply an XCEL OHSE SUMMIT endorsement of a product and/or service.

3- Trade or company names and/or logos of historical nature may be allowed where the featured equipment or its lineage is no longer manufactured, and the company and/or product names are used in the context of their historical development.

4- Specific reference may be made to industry-related standards and codes….

5- The presenter’s name and email address as well as co-authors’ names and email addresses may appear on the last slide (no phone number, company name, or title allowed).

1- References or displays of trade names, logos, or products provided by a commercial organization, except as described in the “What is Allowed” section below. Such organizations shall include, but not be limited to manufacturers, sales representatives, consulting firms, software/hardware providers, and contracting firms…

2- Even if it complies with XCEL OHSE SUMMIT standard. The XCEL OHSE SUMMIT Logo may not be used without prior written permission.

3- Copies of papers, draft position papers or recommendations, brochures, or other information SHALL NOT be made available at XCEL OHSE SUMMIT sessions without prior express permission from the XCEL OHSE SUMMIT and Expositions Committee.

4- Clothing containing commercial logos, trade names, or other commercial information can not be worn while presenting. (in-person events)

5- Product presentations that feature particular companies or products are not permitted, even if the company or product is not specifically referenced by name. 

1- The Conferences and Expositions Committee coordinates the review of all papers and presentations prior to publication or presentation. The Committee shall review all presentation materials. Non conforming items within the presentation materials must be deleted by the presenter or the material will not be allowed to be presented.

2- Exemptions for special cases will require the written approval of the Conferences and Expositions Committee Chair prior to the start of the Conference.