More than a traditional Conference

XCEL OHSE Summit is much more than a traditional conference


The main Aim of the XCEL OHSE Summit is to develop OHSE flexibly accessible interactive knowledge exchanging platform to promote Occupational HSE.

What will the digital experience be adding to the XCEL OHSE Summit ?


We're Maximizing Your ROI

XCEL OHSE Summit is making your ROI (return on investment) go to its highest level. For the digital sessions, you won’t be paying hundreds of dollars in your business trips and in shipping or in extra booth and service fees. But you won’t also miss the chance to hear from OHSE leaders, discover product innovations, network and explore our valuable live and on-demand webinars. Don’t miss it out and get what you expect from your event and more with reduced costs

We're going green

Going digital will also help you go green. By creating an environmentally friendly virtual copy of XCEL OHSE Summit, we have created for you a chance to reduce your Carbon Footprint, to continue being committed and socially responsible while getting inspired and cost-efficient

We're going Open to global audience

Getting free from limited capacity event space restrictions, the virtual experience is creating a world without borders. Where ever you are, attending from the comfort of your place is now possible and easy

We're getting more flexible

You, now, can build your own bespoke flexible attendance plan that answers your business and career plan needs, and that helps you manage the type of distractions you may have on the XCEL OHSE Summit planned dates. You will also be provided with access to the on-demand copies of our sessions.

Networking starts but doesn't end here

The XCEL OHSE Summit is delivering an amazing experience, providing effective networking solutions to make it possible for you to network even when it is not possible for you to be in the same room with the VIPs you have been waiting to meet in your next scheduled event. Live interactive discussions will be open to XCEL OHSE Summit attendees, one to one meetings, ask me anything, and follow up sessions will also be provided.

Why attend ?


Stay Ahead of Safety Trends, Don’t get left behind

XCEL OHSE Summit is your perfect place to gather OHSE intel and to find a variety of resources that will enable you to actively monitor trends and to develop competitive cutting-edge solutions for your business. All attendees will be offered free of charge access to all XCEL OHSE EXPO meeting and networking spaces (one-to-one meetings and paid training courses excluded)

Get Inspired, Learn From, And Interact With Our Speakers

Our speaker selection procedure has been developed to make attending the XCEL OHSE Summit a unique amazing learning and exchanging experience that you will never miss.

Who will you meet ?


public and private sector decision makers

CEOs and VPs

Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental professionals

HR managers and professionals

Employers and employees

OHSE organizations

OHSE Consultants

Media representatives

Want to be part of our success ?

The next XCEL OHSE event will happen from 15 to 17 MAY 2023; Sign up to get notified once the not to be missed out Agenda of the 2023 AME XCEL OHSE Virtual Summit is available. Don’t miss the experience, it’s free to attend

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