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28 04 2020 / 14h00 - 14h45
Managing Mental Health during Coronavirus crisis

Ms. Souhir Massaoudi – Scientific Committee Member and Speaker

Managing Mental Health during Coronavirus crisis

We are all finding it hard to stay calm during this pandemic; personal safety, family and friends, our safety at work, business continuity, management of change, securing incomes, isolation, and social distancing ... all of these concerns and thoughts with all the uncertainty going around them, are currently making it difficult to cope with the created by COVID-19 new world context ... Tuesday, April 28, 2020, Mrs Souhir Messaoudi will be part of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work Agenda, organized as the XCEL OHSE SUMMIT 2020 event. This session will only be the beginning of the "XCEL Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental SUMMIT 2020" events and activities to continue throughout the rest of the year.
Mrs Souhir will be talking about the impact that the new world crisis context may have on our mental health and on our organizations... She will be providing tips on how to prevent burnout and build resilience. And She will be sharing strategies for managing mental health during coronavirus crisis.