Mr. Achraf Bouzgarrou – Scientific Committee Member and Speaker

Total Tunisia HSE director,Man. Com. Member, and Country Security Officer

Industrial Engineering degree, and M.B.A holder, Achraf started working in the industry (hot-dip galvanizing) 19 years ago... At the present time, he is a Managing Committee Member of Total Tunisia, HSE director, and Country Security Officer for Total Group in Tunisia. During the last 17 years, Achraf  has occupied different positions in the downstream branch of Total (operations manager in West Africa

06 10 2020 / 10h25- 10h55 GMT +1

6 October 2020

keynote Session 2: TOTAL Group Road Safety Experience Sharing

Total is a founding member of the United Nations Road Safety Trust Fund. As a founding member. “Safety is one of the Group’s values, and prevention of road traffic accidents is a priority commitment" C.E.O. of TOTAL

Total and its affiliates are involved every day in road safety through a variety of prevention initiatives, training for professionals, and support for communities. Total Tunisia like many other subsidiaries in the downstream branch of TOTAL has decreased dramatically the number of road accidents among the fleet of lorries transporting hydrocarbons products (gasoline, Diesel, Lubricants...), thanks to stringent driving rules enforced among the drivers and their employers /haulers in contract with Total for Transport). Embarked technology (In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems: driving parameters recorder, Cabin, and road cameras...) are also key to assess closely the performance of drivers. Eventually, regular audits of the companies contracting with Total are also necessary to assess their performances and to check whether their safety management system is robust.

06 10 2020 / 10h55- 11h10 GMT +1

6 October 2020

keynote Session 2 Q & A