Mr. Brett Read, BBus. & Grad. Cert. (Mgmt), Grad. Dip. (Survival & Rescue Management) – Speaker

Managing Director - Safety Leaders Group Pty Ltd

 His passion is for safety performance improvement through leadership, team culture and organisational development strategies.
He has twenty-five years global consulting and coaching experience specializing in safety leadership and the development of high performance teams in the oil & gas, mining and construction industries. He has pioneered new thinking and approaches in safety which has enabled clients to achieve consecutive years of Lost Time Injury (LTI) free operations.
Brett has held leadership roles in a range of high risk workplaces and has developed a detailed understanding of what it takes to create a culture of safety in hazardous work environments. Prior to consulting Brett had 15 years experience in management in the corporate sector working for multi-national Corporations and in the Australian Army where he served in the SAS Regiment as a Troop Commander and a Major.
Brett is the author of the #1 best seller book, Safety Performance Reimagined, multiple articles and SPE conference papers and is a regular conference speaker in the areas of Safety Culture Change and Safety Leadership

29 04 2021 / 09h00- 09h45 GMT +1

29 April 2021

keynote Session 4: Safety Performance Reimagined

There is something missing in the way many businesses currently approach their safety performance and performance in general. Their mindset towards performance and failure plays a key role in what they focus on, how they lead their people and the results they get. We need to reimagine safety and to start to understand it differently from the way conventional safety is practiced. The nature of risk and the way we manage risk in business means that we are never totally safe. Logically and morally, we would never want to put people in an environment where they are totally unsafe. We work in a space between these two conditions – totally safe and totally unsafe. Conventional safety tries to manage out all errors and accidents, this doesn’t work. To be effective working in this space, we need to understand some critical aspects of safety: 1. Safety is a dynamic non-event. 2. But you can’t manage a non-event. 3. You have to manage and control the risks in the work. Therefore, a new definition of safety is: “Safety is not the absence of accidents; it is the presence of capacity.”

29 04 2021 / 09h54- 10h00 GMT +1

29 April 2021

keynote Session 4 Q & A