Mr. Ian Pemberton – Speaker

Human Focus Managing Director

Ian Pemberton is a chartered ergonomist (human factors specialist) with over 30 years of professional practice in the field of health and safety training and skilled behavior change. In addition to working with clients around the world, he has undertaken large-scale academic research studies for UK government agencies into workplace health and safety (Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).

He is  a published author on health and safety training – Achieving Health & Safety Training Success

30 04 2021 / 13h00- 14h00 GMT +1

30 April 2021

keynote Session 9: Empowering Your Workforce To Prevent Accidents &SAVE LIVES Human performance insights & techniques

Ian has explored case studies and the latest evidence research that highlight:
- The latest evidence-based understanding of how workplace accidents occur including a focus on fatal incidents that have occurred on PIDG funded projects
- The role of human factors in accidents and the human performance principles for promoting worker safety
- How learning from accidents and incidents is fundamental to improving safety performance
- Practical ways in which you can empower your workforce to learn and improve their safety performance on the job
30 04 2021 / 14h00- 14h15 GMT +1

30 April 2021

keynote Session 9 Q & A