Mr. Jay Allen, Ph.D – Speaker

Safety Executive

Dr. Jay is a seasoned Corporate Safety Executive with 20+ years of operational leadership and policy experience in the transportation, retail, and logistics spheres. His research practices have a history of in-depth analysis regarding organizational structures and continuously contribute to company growth and cultural components. These analyses can reinvigorate service efficiency as well as create process automation and implementing best practices, so the integrity of the system is continuously strengthened. Dr. Allen is the Creator and Chief Safety Officer of Safety FM, an organization that is changing the way people look at safety one broadcast and one podcast at time.

28 04 2021 / 16h00- 17h00 GMT +1

28 April 2021

keynote Session 3: Simple Revolutionary Acts

Simple Revolutionary Acts– is a conversation/resource to anyone who feels some of the passion has gone away from work. Why accept the fact that you work in a less than satisfying way? Change your workplace. Why not lead a revolution? Every good workplace revolution needs a list of ideas to begin to re-energizing the core of workplace happiness and satisfaction. This conversation will provide you with that list.
28 04 2021 / 17h00-17h15 GMT +1

28 April 2021

keynote Session 3 Q & A