Mr. Mark Wright – Speaker

Managing Director - Health & Safety Index Dates

Mark Wright, is a trusted risk, health and safety professional committed to preventing harm and enabling high levels of performance. Mark is the Managing Director of FEFO Consulting and the Health & Safety Index.
His career has included work as Non-Executive Director, several senior leadership positions, and work in over 15 countries across mining, oil & gas, facilities management, construction and utilities.
Mark has proven track record in leading transformation projects, leadership development, strategy deployment and enabling high-performance cultures. Mark previously worked as a safety regulator, Prosecutor and with multi-national companies such as Lend Lease, Transfield Services and Rio Tinto.
He has also led many consulting projects with organizations such as Glencore JLL, Lockheed Martin, Formula One Grand Prix, Australian Institute of Company Directors, WorkSafe NZ, and several government agencies. His consulting success was recently recognized as a finalist with the Australian Small BusinessChampion Awards

28 04 2021 / 10h00- 10h45 GMT +1

28 April 2021

keynote Session 1: Health and Safety Index: Results, Benchmarks and Learning

The Health and Safety Index received over 200,000 responses across several continents and industries. As we reflect on the Health and Safety Index results, there are many Health & Wellbeing, Safety, Leadership and Engagement lessons learnt which are worth sharing. We will share discusses the top results, lowest results, and the highest predictors for improvement based on a statistically reliable assessment. The Health and Safety Index results provide a strong benchmark for organisations to compare lead indicator performance, reflect and learn. Seeking feedback at scale empowers employees to have a say, highlights blind spots, areas of focus and also helps inform organisation strategy. Noting every organisation has different needs, Health and Safety Index results conclude there are four key common areas of focus that are extremely useful to improving health and safety performance.

28 04 2021 / 10h45-11h00 GMT +1

28 April 2021

keynote Session 1 Q & A