Mrs. Kathleen Dobson, CSP, SMS, CHST, STS-C, LEED AP – Speaker

Safety Director - Alberici Constructors, Inc - Speaker

Kathleen is a 20+ year veteran of the construction industry. As Safety Director for Alberici Constructors, she has responsibility for and supports their automotive, heavy civil, mining, and industrial processes divisions. Kathi is engaged in project start-up and provides sites with ongoing evaluations, audits, and training when needed. Kathi is zealous regarding the safety of workers and believes that everyone should be able to say they have the right PPE, the right training, and the right environment in which to work. She is active on CURT’s EHS Committee, AISC’s Safety Committee and represents the industry on the TAUC EHS Committee, NAWIC’s Alliance with OSHA, the national A10 subcommittee, and ASSP, where she serves on the standards development committee and WISE (Women in Safety Excellence common interest group) Board of Directors.

08 10 2020 / 09h55- 10h25 GMT+1

8 October 2020

keynote Session 13: The Large and the Small: PPE issues

Persons working in hazardous industries often do not have access to correctly fitting PPE, and improperly fitted PPE can create a dangerous situation, especially when harnesses do not fit properly or when oversized gloves are intended to be used for tasks requiring fine motor skills. ...and the modification of specific items of PPE can have a psychological effect on workers.

Some of the questions that you'll have answered in this presentation include:

Does ill-fitting PPE expose workers to potential increased hazards, decreased productivity, and the psychological impact of feeling unprotected-

Are barriers driven by lack of education in the selection process and the competitive marketplace?​-

Do decision-makers (providers) lack education regarding the importance of PPE fit and availability of options and consequences of ill-fitting PPE?​

You'll learn how to better identify risks with issuing PPE and what to do about them!

08 10 2020 / 10h25- 10h40 GMT+1

8 October 2020

keynote Session 13 Q & A